Neptune is an incident response automation platform for the modern era. Neptune allows you to create Rules consisting of Triggers and Actions. It helps DevOps engineers troubleshoot and fix incidents in minutes instead of hours.

Neptune Configuration

To begin, login to your Neptune account and navigate to the account settings. Copy the Neptune API key:


Librato Configuration

With the previously copied Neptune API key, navigate to the “Outbound” section of your Integrations page. Click on the Neptune integration, then on the “Add Configuration” button.


Fill in the required fields and click Save. The possible fields are:

  • Title: A name for the service.
  • API key: Neptune API key.


Creating Alerts

After setting up the service, you can associate it as a notification service for alerts. You can read more about creating alerts in the Alerts Introduction knowledge base article.


Alert Notifications

When an alert fires, the payload is sent to your Neptune Incidents dashboard:


You can click on an incident for more details, such as the triggered alert payload:


You can now begin creating Rules powered by Librato alert triggers.