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BigPanda helps you consolidate all the alerts your team receives, allowing you to respond to incidents faster by making it easier to correlate events from disparate data sources. By integrating Librato with BigPanda, you’ll be able to correlate your metrics-based alerts with what’s going on in the rest of your system.

BigPanda Configuration

You should already have a BigPanda account. Log in to your account and navigate to the integrations page. From the list of monitoring integrations, choose Alerts REST API. Choose a name for the integration (e.g. “Librato”) and generate an app key. Your app key and token will be displayed.


Librato Configuration

With your BigPanda information in hand, navigate to the “Outbound” section of your Integrations page. Click on the BigPanda integration, then on the “Add Configuration” button.

Fill in the appropriate fields using the key values copied from your BigPanda integration settings. The fields are:

  • Title: A name for the service.
  • App key: The app key mentioned above.
  • Token: The token mentioned above.


Creating Alerts

After setting up the service you can set BigPanda as a notification service for your alerts. You can read more about creating alerts in the “Introduction to Librato Alerts” knowledge base article.


Alert Notifications

When an alert fires the payload is sent to BigPanda and will be visible in the incidents dashboard.