You can add as many collaborators as you want to your Librato account. A collaborator can access all of the resources of an account, including pushing metrics to the account. This is a great way to share a single Librato account across a distributed team without having to share a single set of credentials.



Only account owners can manage collaborators. If you are collaborating on an account, you will not see this menu item.

When you add a collaborator to your account they’ll be informed via email that their account has access to yours. They’ll be guided through creating an account if they do not have one already. If they already have a Librato account they can easily switch context into your account.

A single user can collaborate on multiple accounts. To switch context, simply click on your avatar then select the account you want to access.


Switching context to a given collaboration provides access through the UI to all resources owned by that context.

In the Account Settings you have the ability to name accounts which comes in really handy when you are collaborating with multiple accounts. That way you can easily differentiate between your company and your private account. If you don’t give your account a name, your email is shown in the change user menu.

Use case: Sharing metrics in a company.

If you want to share metrics across a group of collaborators in a company we recommend creating a main account such as “” or “” and then adding the team members as collaborators. Each team member will be able to switch context to the main account and have full access to all account features such as view and create Spaces, create alerts and add new metrics. The only things collaborators can not do are:

  • Change the password of the main account.
  • Change the billing information of the main account.
  • Add collaborators to the main account.

Adding metrics as a collaborator

As a collaborator you can add metrics to the main account. When you switch context into the main account go to the tokens page and create a new token with the correct role for your use case. The credentials to submit metrics consist of the main account’s email and the token. Keep in mind that when you add metrics to the main account you could be increasing the monthly cost.